Sharing in Success

The many people who have worked toward the CRC website vision are thrilled to announce that the site has gone live.  CRC partners with Refugee Speakers Bureau (RSB), as both initiatives launch at a special event held at Mercy Cafe.  Colorado Refugee Connect begins matching qualified volunteers to existing opportunities in the refugee serving network.

Taking Shape

The CRC advisory team meets regularly to ensure progress toward the final goal.  Venta shares preliminary versions of the website and Louise begins collecting and assembling biography information from the network service providers.  Planning for the launch event is underway.

Growing a Team

After an extensive discovery process, Venta Marketing is brought on board to lead website development and Louise El Yaafouri joins the team as Project Coordinator.  First Baptist Church agrees to act as the fiscal sponsor.  Basic concepts of the website are flushed out as Louise begins meeting with network partners to conduct volunteer needs assessments.

Partnering for Success

The CRC advisory group creates a full project plan for the proposed volunteer-match website and joins forces with Beyond Our Borders to initiate fundraising efforts.

Seeking Solutions

An already growing interest in Colorado’s refugee affairs balloons, largely in response to the change in political season and intensifying anti-immigration rhetoric.  Colorado Refugee Services Program (CRSP) calls upon a team of network stakeholders to brainstorm solutions to the overwhelming volunteer surplus.