Boulder Task Force

Mission Statement:

Task Force Boulder is a group of volunteers who ease the transition of Afghan refugees from immigrants to self-sufficient, productive, and proud members of their American communities, and, in the process, build long lasting, meaningful, committed relationships.

How We Started:
As Afghanistan was falling to the Taliban in August of 2021, several of our members were working to help Afghans evacuate from Kabul. Thankfully, we were successful with some of our friends and we realized that Boulder would be a wonderful place for them to resettle as they arrived here in the United States. Ever since, we’ve been working to find housing, assist with driver’s licenses, social security cards, social benefits, and the like for our Afghan families.
How We Work:
We are all volunteers and we are all friends. We see a need and we do our best to fill it. We raise money, we find volunteers, we coordinate and organize.