Jewish Family Service

Jewish Family Service of Colorado (JFS) is a 150-year-old human services organization with a strong reputation for providing over 37,000 total high-impact, quality services to close to 19,000 clients of all faiths, races, ages, incomes, and abilities across multiple programs. JFS works to reduce hunger and prevent homelessness, provides quality mental health services to children and families, offers job training and placement for people with significant barriers to employment, delivers programs for people with disabilities and provides support to help older adults maintain a high quality of life.

In 2022, JFS successfully resettled 58 Afghan evacuees. JFS found the evacuees affordable, safe housing, supplied cultural mentors to teach them to grocery shop, navigate public transportation, enrolled them in Medicaid, language courses, and kids in school, and provided culturally appropriate food from the Weinberg Food Pantry, and vital and immediate support from our Refugee Mental Health team.

In October 2022, JFS established the Yana Vishnitsky Refugee Resettlement Program, becoming a permanent Reception & Placement (R&P) agency as a HIAS affiliate, making JFS the fourth resettlement agency in Colorado.

As a permanent R&P agency in 2022-2023, JFS will serve hundreds of refugees from Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, Sudan, Ukraine, and Latin America.

The Refugee Mental Health Program at Jewish Family Service provides a holistic approach in providing accessible mental health services for immigrants and refugees who have resettled in Colorado. Culturally aware therapists provide counseling to help clients attain not only psychological stability, but recover from trauma and transition to healthy work, school, family relationships, and adaptation to a new culture. We offer outpatient counseling services via telehealth video, in our office, and in the community, psychiatric services for clients who require more in-depth medical attention, and interpretation for clients with no or limited English-language proficiency. We accept most insurance plans, including Medicaid.