Restoration Project International

Restoration Project International (RPI) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to end human trafficking and domestic abuse through the education and empowerment of survivors. We also extend our services to the immigrant, refugee/asylee communities who we realize face all kinds of victimizations, and discriminations to give them a voice. Our core values are EDUCATION, ECONOMIC EMPOWRMENT, and PARTNERSHIP/COLLABORATIONS.


Community Awareness Education: Conference, Workshop, Presentation, Training and providing platforms for the connection of survivors, advocates and community members.

Skills Development Program: We provide FREE classes in Introduction to Computer/Microsoft Office, Financial Literacy, Business Coaching, Data Entry, Python Essentials, and Web Design.

SAFE (Survivor Awareness & First Encounter) Program: We hold Workshop (in-person) and Webinars (virtual) at least Twice a year to bring survivors and advocates in a safe space for connection to resources.

Workforce Development Program: We assist the populations we serve in RESUME WRITING, JOB SEARCH, INTERNSHIP PLACEMENTS, JOB READINESS (Workshop), and BACK TO WORK TRAINING.

Mentorship Support: We provide a platform for a one-on-one or group mentorship where program participants are connected with mentors for socio-economic empowerment and to build resilience.