Roshni is an Aurora-based community Arts organization that works with those at the margins to share stories through the Performing Arts. We promote Inclusion and Empathy through storytelling and programs that bring together diverse groups of people. The overarching goals of the organization are to:

1. Identify, acknowledge and support local diverse cultures and artistic traditions

2. Create artistic endeavors with the intention to heal, uplift, and inspire

3. Offer artistic activities/experiences for the whole family

4. Recruit and mentor local artists, create leadership opportunities, and grow a new body of cultural leaders

5. Participate in local community events to promote diversity of art and culture

Roshni was founded in 2016 by an immigrant woman from India, who found it very hard to cross cultural and social barriers when she arrived here. She started Roshni to foster community and connection in refugee and immigrant communities. Today programs have expanded to reach other marginalized groups including people experiencing physical disabilities and mental health issues and seniors. Roshni works in collaboration with schools, organisations, senior living homes, and other community partners. In five years since starting the first project with refugee youth, Roshni has achieved great success in engaging the Aurora and Denver community in diverse arts and culture. Today, it delivers seven different programs through the year, including theater productions and New American Arts Festival, Colorado’s longest three week-long festival that focuses on Diversity and Inclusion by showcases close to 200 presenters and 50+ performances. The Sew and Sing Program offers  refugee-eligible women opportunities to learn to sew and improve their English skills through song. Each year Roshni directly serves an average of 2000+ youth and 200 adults and brings together thousands more through community arts events and collaborations with other public organizations.