Ahmed Bakhit

Ahmed Bakhit | Sudan

Ahmed Bolivar is from Sudan and speaks 4 languages, including his native language Zaghawa, Arabic, English and French. In 2003, he fled the civil war in Darfur with his family and went to Chad, but still has family members living in the miserable refugee camps across the border from Sudan. In 2005, he joined a group of volunteers to document the civil war, and interviewed genocide survivors, war survivors, and rape victims. In 2008, he volunteered in North and South Darfur Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps, raising awareness on issues like, female genital mutilation, non participation of children in armed conflicts, women’s education and awareness about sexuality transmitted diseases. In 2011, Ahmed was in Libya when the civil war started, which made him move to Egypt’s Saloum refugee camp. In the camp, he worked as volunteer teacher, interpreter, and trained to become psychosocial team leader at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

He arrived in Tucson, Arizona in November 2013 and moved to Denver in August of 2015. He now calls Colorado home.

He is an active community leader helping his community with problem solving, mitigation, and guiding newly arrived individuals find their way. He also supports his community with integration and knowing their rights. Ahmed is the founder of Green Shield Organization/ Environmental Solutions to fight desertification and climate change in Sudan.