Juma | Sudan

After the genocide in Darfur, followed by interminable conflict and war, Juma’s father found a way for their family to escape the bombing, shooting, raping and killing. His family endured months of suffering going through the jungle to find safety. After being separated, Juma and his family were reunited and they fled their beloved country in 2006, resettling in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. Juma’s siblings – three sisters and four brothers – were eternally happy for the security and peace they had in the camp.

In 2013 his family had the opportunity to be resettled to the US. Juma and his family and were more than grateful to have a second home here in Colorado. He attended a vocational school and graduated with a certificate in business technology and office administration. Juma has served his fellow refugee and immigrant communities here in the metro Denver area as a community navigator, a trainer, a radio and TV host, among other roles.

Currently, Juma is an active member of the Colorado Refugee Speakers Bureau and employed with Hope Communities, Spring Institute, and iNOW as a contractor. He aims to share, educate, learn, and inspire others through his lived experience, stories, and actions.