Raoudha Zelaya

Raoudha Zelaya | Tunisia

Raoudha graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management from Buffalo, NY. Raoudha is using her own lived experiences to help others navigate the sometimes-stressful experiences of adapting to their new country, language, and culture, often under challenging circumstances. As a Service Navigator, she strives to promote economic, social, and language justice, as well as the empowerment of immigrants and refugees to support sustainable, equitable, and inclusive integration. Raoudha believes every community member should have access to education, training, and work, enabling them to triumph over their trauma and become agents of positive change and social transformation.

Passionate about social justice, women’s rights, and refugee and immigrant health, she sought to serve her community wherever she was, including in Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United States, Malta, West Africa, and Hungary. She has spent her career focused on addressing the challenging needs of public service and nonprofit organizations by developing community outreach initiatives and partnerships with local communities.

Raoudha is an active representative on the Boulder County Cultural Responsiveness and Inclusion Advisory Committee (CRIAC), working with Boulder County leadership to develop and promote a culturally responsive and inclusive environment for all.