Tetiana Stratilat

Tetiana Stratilat | Ukraine

Tetiana Stratilat is a professional chef from Kyiv who was forced to leave her homeland when the war started in Ukraine in February 2022.  She arrived in Colorado in June, 2022 under the Uniting for Ukraine refugee program. Before arriving in the United States, Tetiana was the owner and exclusive chef of a successful culinary school for both teenagers and adults in Kyiv. She shares her love of the culinary arts with her students so as to bring joy and light into their lives. She hopes to share her passion as an instructor chef in the U.S. by helping students develop a love for the art that will serve them well the rest of their life.  

Her dream is to establish a cooking school for teenagers to introduce them to the world of culinary arts by teaching them proper techniques, the basics of cooking and instilling in them a love for the culinary arts through serious instruction in a fun, light-hearted learning environment. Her students will learn not only how to be accomplished teen chefs, but they also learn healthy eating habits, and menu planning.

In addition to her professional life in Colorado, she enthusiastically participates in “Ukrainians of Colorado” activities as a volunteer to help her beloved country. By preparing traditional Ukrainian food in her workshops she helps other Ukrainian refugees find comfort with a taste of home in the hospitality of America. At the same time, she introduces the American community to the long and rich Ukrainian culture through the preparation of authentic Ukrainian dishes.