Tukano Salat

Tukano Salat | Somalia

Tukano A. Salat was born in Somalia and moved to Colorado in 2004 with her family. Her friends would describe her as free-spirited, spontaneous, daring, and serious at times. Her hobbies include dancing, listening to music, cooking, jewelry making, spending time with close friends and family, trying new things, and taking good walks. 

Tukano has been in the U.S. for fifteen years and has accomplished a lot and many more to come. Her biggest accomplishment has been receiving her business degree from Western Colorado State University and accomplishing her dream of being a business owner. While pursuing higher education might be an expected milestone for most Americans, for Tukano, it’s a generational and systematic shift. She takes pride in being the first female in her family to graduate from a university. Because of this, Tukano can not only live the American life, but can also set an example for her family and others to choose their futures and make life decisions that can bring success to their lives.