Zahra Nouri

Zahra Nouri | Afghanistan

Zahra Hera Nouri is a 21-year-old woman originally from Afghanistan who was born in Iran, raised in Turkey, and currently living in the United States of America. She and her siblings alongside her mother sought refuge in Turkey after facing many difficulties in Iran due to their refugee status.

Zahra is now a citizen and attends CU Denver pursuing  a Bachelor’s in psychology and is looking forward to getting her Master’s in social work. With her Master’s she wants to work with refugees who are seeking support but can’t connect with a therapist. She is looking forward to helping and giving back to the community utilizing her trilingual skills and multicultural characteristics to be able to further connect with clients. She is presently a part-time peer facilitator intern at the Village Institute for newcomer girls from Afghanistan. Aside from a work-study position where she can engage with individuals and support as much as she can, she always looks forward to brightening peoples’ day and placing a smile on their faces.