The Economic and Fiscal Impact of Refugees in Colorado

This study outlines the economic impact of refugee resettlement in Colorado. The report highlights the economic benefits that refugees bring to Colorado and shows that those benefits accrue over time. This study is unique in its design and its use of data and supports other research in this arena that demonstrates that refugees and other immigrants consistently bring more benefits to the economy than they receive.

Refugee Integration Survey and Evaluation (RISE)

The Refugee Integration Survey and Evaluation (RISE) report provides a framework for understanding refugee integration in Colorado. This nationally recognized longitudinal study explores refugee integration over a five-year period. RISE demonstrates the importance building connections within and across communities to foster integration and wellbeing.

Colorado Refugee Services Program (CRSP)

The Colorado Refugee Services Program (CRSP) is a program of the Colorado Department of Human Services and is responsible for the statewide coordination of refugee resettlement.